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The Maritime Optima Application

Chartering Tools: Position lists, Route Estimator and Vessel Voyage History

The features are public but the way you use them are your private settings

Vessels voyage history for 65 000 vessels. View last port, real-time position and next port for any vessel. Use a quick Route Estimator to calculate distance, time and estimated fuel consumption; from any vessel’s real-time position in the map and to a specific port or between several ports and vessels.


Add notes to the vessels when you receive news from brokers or advisors that you want to remember. Create an unlimited number of position lists, track the vessels' location in the map, their ETAs and get notification on updates.

Example of the Position List: Panamax vessels able to reach Gladstone within 20 – 30 March.

Vessel center: AIS real-time position, technical description, notes, photos and documents

Public data

Real-time AIS positions of more than 65 000++ vessels in the map provided by more than 600 satellites and terrestrial AIS senders. The vessels are sorted in segments and sub-segments. Public questionnaires for all vessel. Search and find vessels in the public data matching your search criteria. View voyage history for all the vessels.

Private data

Copy any public questionnaire and make your private. Add and edit technical data and save it privately. Send a section of the questionnaire to partners and have a log showing whom you have shared your vessel data with. Search for vessels matching your criteria and create vessel lists. Add notes and contact details to any vessel. The notes are collected in your notebook. Shoot photos directly attached to any vessel or upload documents and drawing.

Select and de-select layers of information and customize your private decision-making map

Access public data layers but create private combinations

The info layers are available for any user but the way you combine the layers are your private settings. Add the layers you prefer. Hover over and you will find the vessels position in the map!

Combine vessel segments and sub-segments as you prefer and select colours for each of them. Create your private port, vessel lists and position lists.

Switch between satellite and default mode. Select ECA zones, Polar Code, International Navigating Limits (INL) or Load Line Zones (LL) or piracy. Select maritime weather (wind, waves, currents, precipitation) or ice.

Port Center: Bunker prices & availability, tide, weather, vessels expected, loading or departures. Biggest vessels seen in any port  

Public data

For more than 5 200 ports: Tides, local time, bunker prices, grades and availability. Todays marine weather and weather forecasts. Find vessels currently in port and recent departures. View the biggest vessels seen in a port within each segment (LOA, beam, deadweight and draft).

Private data

Search for ports matching your criteria and create port lists.
Add notes to any port. The notes are collected in your notebook. Add your contact details to any port, search for the port, open the contact and call them. Shoot photos directly attached to any port or upload documents and drawing.

Set up a team: Save time, be more efficient and have more fun

Team features

Intuitive and self-serviced user management. Add seats or deactivate seats any time during your subscription. If you choose to upgrade to Standard, you only pay per active seat.

If you add seats and invite colleagues to your team, you can collaborate, and we know you will save time, be more efficient and reduce stress.

In a team you can add and share notes and create a team notebook. You can add and share contacts attached to vessels or ports.

Each team has a log that shows the team's activity.

Our mission

  • Frequently improve Maritime Optima based on feedback from our users
  • Provide user and customer service with industry knowledge and a smile
  • Collaborate with other software products to create more value for our customers
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Jon Skule Storheil, CEO Awilco LNG:

"We joined in on this R&D project because the original idea is highly interesting, and the product has the potential of increasing the efficiency of operational processes and information gathering. The prospect of working with such an interdisciplinary team will help develop our organization.

We have decided to allocate our time and internal resources to this project, and we deem it worth it as long as this allocation is utilized as a long term investment. Shipping is a relatively conservative industry, and this probably rings true for most of workers in this industry as well. Hence, we might need a "nudge" to promote information symmetry, knowledge sharing, and collaboration. It is therefore refreshing and satisfying to see the progression that has been made in the time that has past.

It has without doubt been illuminating to work with the team at Maritime Optima, and we are excited to continue this collaboration. We strongly believe that together, we can develop an effective and user-friendly software that can serve various parts of the industry."

Tor Augdal, Commercial Director in Solvang

We joined this research & development project because we see a great need for shipping companies to contribute to developing an independent, modern and user-friendly software at a reasonable price.

We believe in projects that combine industry experience with digital expertise and that these will create great value for many.
It has also been interesting to work together with a start-up, that incorporates both industry experience and digital competence.

We have little time and there are many start-ups, so we wanted to work with someone who dares to bet and who we think is a stayer. It has been interesting to work with this team and we are excited to continue this collaboration. We strongly believe that together, we can develop an effective and user-friendly software that can serve various parts of the industry.

Jostein Bjørgo (Commercial Director of Wilson Eurocarriers AS)

We joined this research & development project because it is exciting with a start-up environment combining industry experience and digital expertise. We have learnt through the Covid-19 period that we have to work a little differently in the future so the timing to attend this project was very good. We joined in on this R&D project because there is an apparent need for shipping companies to be included in the process of developing independent and user-friendly software.

Developing a new user-friendly software and satisfying the demands of many teams in an organisation is demanding, and on our site it takes a lot of time to contribute properly.
We therefore wanted to work with a start up we think will be there also in the future and who we believe has the ability to succeed. Working with the Maritime Optima team has been instructive and we look forward to continuing.

We fully believe in projects that combine industry experience with digital competence will provide the highest utility value.

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