Teamwork grows success

Companies depend on people and we believe they will only be successful if they manage to attract people with various skills able to work in teams

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Who Are We?

Norway is a small country but has a well function maritime cluster consisting of companies providing different services to the global maritime industry. This makes Norway an excellent place for maritime R & D projects.

Our Purpose

We started Maritime Optima because we wanted to assist people working in the maritime industry unlocking their digital potential.

We believe useful and user-friendly software should be made available to everyone working in the maritime sector.

We want to show that people working in teams, collaborating, exchanging data and knowledge, create higher profits because they attract talents and make better decisions, and working in team is also more fun.

Our Ambition

We are building an afforable, intuitive and useful software where you can decide with whom you want to share your data.

Maritime Optima aims to help you or your team be more productive, reduce stress, improve your decisions' quality, and have more fun. We also believe Maritime Optima can assist you in unlocking your digital potential.

Our Personality

We put pride in our work. We are committed to delivering a useful and intuitive collaboration platform that enables individuals and teams in the maritime sector to work anywhere.

We care about the ocean, it's environment and the people

Great teams can achieve great things, therefore we aim to build a team with skilled people having respect for each other.

We trust each other; we dare to be honest and express our opinions. We discuss and involve each other. So we can learn and expand our knowledge and have a better understanding of the problems we are trying to solve.

We are curious and have a hunger for learning and to update our skills and knowledge. We share our knowledge and support each other because we believe great teams will be inspired and committed to find the best solutions for our customer, for our company, for the people working here and for the environment.

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