Your Maritime Optima map

Work in a team together with your colleagues but build your private decision-making map. Create your own map by selecting and de-selecting layers of information depending on what you want to focus on.

The map layers in Maritime Optima

Maps are perfect for handling information, to get an overview and to navigate. Colleagues working in teams make better decisions. In Maritime Optima you can work in a team together with your colleagues while also building your private decision-making map. Create your map by selecting and de-selecting layers of information depending on how you want to focus. 

Add the layers of information you prefer, and hover over and click on any of the vessels and ports you have in your map.

Vessel segments

In Maritime Optima you will find several vessel segments (tanker, dry cargo, LPG etc.) that are further divided into sub-segments.

Select the segment you prefer and pick the sub-segments you are interested in. Choose the color you prefer on each sub-segment. Click on a vessel and find where she has been and her next port.

Hover over and click on a vessel in the map and find where she has been trading, her speed, where she is heading etc. Click on the vessel if you are using your mobile.


Add public layers of ports like “All ports” – “All bunker ports” – “All tanker ports” etc. Select satellite view and zoom in to study the details of a port.

Create private layers: You can also create your private lists of ports, for example dry cargo ports that your company's fleet visit often, and select these layers on your map.

Add vessel layers, switch to satellite mode and zoom in to the ports to check the port infrastructure, which vessels are berthed and which vessels are at anchorage.

Marine weather layers

Add marine weather layers such as wind, precipitation, currents and waves. Hover over vessels or ports in the map and view more details.

The weather is updated every 24 hours and you will also find a 14 day weather forecast.

Map styles (satellite, light or dark map)

Some prefer dark colors and some prefer light colors. Select the map colors you prefer. You can also switch to satellite mode. If you want to quickly find the time and distance from any port or vessel to any port, select the sea route calculator.

Sea ice, ECA zones, anti-shipping activity, polar codes

Sea ice and anti-shipping activities are updated every 24 hours. Click on the ECA/SECA layers to find more details on the emissions. You can still click on vessels to see when they will arrive in dangerous waters.

Select the canal layer and click on a canal to find information about the canal restrictions. Turn on the canal congestion layer and find which type of vessels are waiting at anchorage to pass the Suez and Panama canal. Hover over or click on the vessels in the map to find information on the vessels.

Your team's vessel fleets

Set up your team's fleet, and create as many list of vessels you and colleagues want. The vessels in your fleet will be highlighted with a circle in in your map. You will find a table on the left side listing all the vessels in your fleet or in any other lists you have made.

Combine different map layers

Chartering means to optimizing decisions under complex circumstances in a rapidly changing market. The map layers give you a quick overview of many dimensions simultaneously.

Start using the map layers and combine layers of information with your knowledge. You will then quickly get the info you need to make your decisions and you will save a lot of time.

Examples of map layer combinations:

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